Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Life In The CrazyHouse

It’s a funny old world.  The Democrats and their ultra liberal allies hope for national disaster because they think it will help them regain power.  The far left is ecstatic that two US soldiers were tortured to death and beheaded.  These bloggers feel that all Americans that don’t agree with them should meet the same fate.  It is heartbreaking to contemplate that because most of these left wing nutjobs are young and poorly educated that they have no sense of history and no sense of the biological good fortune they enjoy.  Had they been born in Nigeria, Zambia, Iraq, Iran, or Palestine they would not be enjoying the privileges and pleasures of life as they do.

They forget or won’t acknowledge the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of young Americans that were made to prevent tyranny in Europe and to preserve the freedoms of the United States of America.  The phony Euro intellectuals naturally despise the United States because they won’t defend themselves and hate the fact that in reality they are dependent on the USA.  Gratitude, or the need for it, prompts hatred towards the benefactor in most cases.  Most people have an innate longing to be self-sufficient and when they are not then their confidence suffers long and gradual erosion.

The fact that any American can rejoice at the death of a fellow citizen gives the lie to their agendas.  During the Vietnam War it was common to find dead US soldiers with their bodies mutilated, yet the NVA and VC remained the darlings of the American Left.  These people must be tolerated but they are not to be trusted.  It is ironic that a Democrat fiefdom, New Orleans, Louisiana, is cesspool of poverty, crime, and public corruption instead of the Utopia promised us by the Democrats.

Victory cannot be claimed in Iraq, according to the Democrats, until there is zero violence, yet just in the month of June alone there have more than 30 murders.  When can we claim victory in New Orleans?

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