Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Tolerance is a virtue preached by many but observed by few.  Fundamentalists of any stripe are almost by definition intolerant, and their rationale is based mostly on fear.  Fundamentalist UFO observers will not tolerate nor consider another view; they are correct and that is that.  The same goes for liberal Hollywood, homophobic Baptists, narrow minded Roman Catholics, Islamic western haters, and in US politics nut cases on the right and left.

The terms used to describe the best courses of action include exterminate, eliminate, destroy, “death to,” and many others heard daily on chat shows and news programs.  So called intellectuals including Noam Chomsky, Thomas Friedman, are actually cowardly commentators with an ostrich-like approach to the world’s problems.  When Islam takes over things will change drastically and not for the better.

Can Islam overwhelm Western Civilization?  Of course it can and it is likely that it will if the liberal, progressive part of the nations continues their present behavior.  At least there will no longer be worries about Christian symbols in public buildings.  Everyone will either be a Muslim or dead.  There will be no question of gay marriage, pornography, elections, the only option for dissent will be whether Shia, Sunni, of Sufi is the mosque you attend.

Simply look around and make a note of each incident of intolerance you encounter or promote; was it helpful?

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