Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Blow to Democrats and Terrorists

Today the Democrat Party and the Iraqi terror organization suffered a severe setback: Al-Zarqawi was killed by US troops yesterday afternoon. This action will buoy the spirits of the American public, cast the Democrat’s defeatism into stark relief, and demonstrate that when in trouble one should never give up just because fatigue sets in. This is indeed a happy day and it is fortunate that this murderer was killed and not arrested. Imagine the nightmare of liberal law groups apologizing for Zarqawi’s behavior and defending him as a misunderstood leader of lawful insurgents. Ramsey Clark must be feeling left out this morning.

Ah, the ACLU’s disappointment is palpable; Tim Robbins and Sean Penn cannot believe that one of their heroes has departed the world stage. Who can they idolize? Well Castro, Chavez, and Vicente Fox are still around. This event gives everyone some breathing room, everyone except Osama Bin Laden he must be a little shaken. It can be imagined that even the Iranians will take a brief pause to consider the historical inevitability of their proposed actions.

The relief that will be felt will of course be short-lived, but it does give hope that an end can be achieved; the successful democratization of Iraq and other Arab nations. That cultural hatred may be overcome, that death and destruction don’t have to triumph over hope and love.

Surely even Ted Kennedy, John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi; Chuck Hegel et al. can understand these sentiments.

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