Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hillary Wakes Up Crazy

Hillary Clinton’s latest remarks about abortion show just how schizo the Democrat party is on the issue of abortion and most likely everything else. Her comments that a right wing conspiracy, reminiscent of her comments about Bill and Monica, are patently ridiculous and absurd they are also a lie. Abortion is the cornerstone of the Democrat Party and has been since 1973. Are these people to be trusted more than the Republicans?

What is at the root of her message? In a strange way the Democrat Party, and most likely all parties, are similar to Islam. The comparison is narrow and only partly analogous but here goes. Under the prescriptions of the Koran it is permissible to lie to an infidel if it furthers the cause of the brethren. So it is with the Democrats in the case of abortion. They know the majority of American voters are opposed to abortion in particular partial birth abortion. This tactic is one that all major liars espouse; tell the biggest lie possible some of it will be believed.

I think this particular lie will not wash, even though the Democrat Party seems to think that anyone who disagrees with them is an idiot and completely undeserving of respect. Many of the voters in the United States are savvy enough to tell truth from falsehood. It is however hilarious.

During the most recent Democrat Convention a pro-life party member was refused the right to address the floor. Now they blame conservatives for the success of their strategy. How many times has it been said that to elect a Republican is to endanger women’s “reproductive rights.” The basis of this latest lie is that by opposing free condom distribution is forcing women into abortions of unwanted pregnancies; this is patently untrue. Use a pill, use a condom, don’t have sex, the crux of unwanted pregnancy is waking up pregnant and refusing accept responsibility of the action.


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