Saturday, May 20, 2006


The Europeans, in particular the Dutch, are showing their true fearful colors.  A female member of the Dutch parliament has basically been exiled to the United States for her outspoken view of Islam and its hateful tendencies among the more fanatical believers.  Oh it’s fine to be outspoken in one’s criticism of the United States because it is safe to do so.  There is no threat of assassination, maiming, expulsion from one’s home simply because one expresses doubts about the US and its citizens.  Appeasement: that is Europe’s middle name.  The result will be the disappearance of any unique European culture or identity by the year 2100, the state religion will be Islam and the state of the world will be more war.  At least the Europeans won’t be asked to fight as they will have already surrendered.  I wonder how many statues will be left in the Louvre.

Europe has been the scene of many horrible wars and they are understandably tired of fighting.  They rarely fought for their liberty and freedom so they don’t understand the concept very well.  Most European wars were fought by the plebes on behalf of the elites mainly about which Royal house was going to get the money from the other’s farms.  Of course there were religious wars which make today’s conflict seem pedestrian by comparison.  Murder, torture, rape, pillage were all the staples of a culture that produced the arts, music, and literature in between battles.  The Europeans resent the United States because it was their rescuer in two major death struggles.

Ah the French, vive la difference!  These are among the most cowardly, bombastic people on earth.  Not only will French as a language disappear so will most French people.  When the Caliph of Paris makes a suggestion it will be obeyed in Berlin.

As any school child knows there comes a point when one must stand up to the playground bully.  Until the Europeans remember this they are destined to extinction.


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