Thursday, April 13, 2006

How many must die?

I love do-gooders.  They are so inconsistent that they appear to have their acts together when in fact the opposite is true.  I believe these tendencies are rooted in the natural desire of human beings to be liked.  This impulse coupled with the usual herd mentality gives us the fun of watching them behave like lemmings going over a cliff.  If you find this assertion offensive perhaps you’d better look and see how close you’re getting to the cliff’s edge.

Let’s take a look at some of the campaigns mounted in recent years, say the last 40 years.  Anti-smoking, anti-drinking, anti-fat, anti-driving (without seatbelts), these are just a few of the main objects of the people who want to run our lives and feel good because they are helping.  Are they?  Anti-war, anti-conservatism, anti-religion, all these things are cast in the negative; ever wonder why?  I am not grinding an axe here simply making an observation.

With all the ways of prolonging life and supposedly improving its quality why is there no objection from the left on the one thing that has taken more lives in the past 40 years than any number of deaths from fat, smoking, or drinking?  Since 1973 approximately 40 million babies have been killed by abortionists and their supporters.  This number dwarfs the deaths from any other source; single or combined.  These murders are based on a woman’s right to choose, a weak specious argument at best; transparently stupid at worst.

Why don’t I have the right to choose to smoke, drink, be promiscuous, get fat, drive fast, or anything else these people object to? Why are they right about the do’s and don’ts of life?  The latest thing is the “civil rights” of illegal immigration.  What about the “civil rights” of children conceived and then murdered?

I am asking these questions because we are bombarded every day about things that should be banned from our lives.  Is there an irony here?  The do-gooders, right and left, have embraced a new Puritanism, unique in its American slant.  Unfortunately the rest of the world tends to ape American behavior which is resulting in a dumbing down of societies all around the globe.  We Americans know what is best for everyone, especially those we can control.

It is outrageous that a woman’s right to choose does not seem to include choosing not to have sexual intercourse without birth control methods and techniques in place.  Sexual acts are fun and should be indulged in frequently but sensibly.  The so-called unwanted pregnancy is totally unnecessary today so why do we have so many abortions?  People are selfish, lazy, and thoughtless.  Abortion is nothing more than birth control for the stupid and self-indulgent mindless individuals that populate our nation.

The next time you are warned about the number of deaths from smoking, drinking, and obesity remember the deaths resulting laziness: 40 million so far.

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