Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bombs in the Iranian Hinterlands

Explosions in Iran should come as no surprise.  It is clear that the United States is considering military action against known Iranian nuclear facilities.  This will most likely come in the form of attacks by the USAF using its stealth bombers and massive bunker-busting bombs.  These attacks will be as surgical as possible but that might not be very surgical in the sense of little or no collateral damage.  This damage will be more than just destroyed buildings and dead people.

That some action should be taken is inarguable, the Iranian regime is unstable politically, morally, historically, and most likely mentally.  Iran will destroy, or a least attempt to destroy Israel using its nuclear weapons.  The reason there is such a willingness to do so is based on their fundamental belief that the end of the world is near so what have they to lose.  One might be surprised to find that fundamentalist Christians share this belief and both sides are looking forward eagerly to this event. The Iranians will also use this power to intimidate other Muslim nations, who actually despise them for embracing Shia, and bending them to their will under threat of destruction. This will not be a religious conundrum as Sunnis are regarded as heretics by Shia.

For those of us who aren’t looking for a tremendous upheaval and nuclear degradation of the environment something preventative is called for.  A military action should be the absolute last resort, but it must be considered.  The Iranians are naïve if they think a military strike would be unsuccessful.  The immediate results will be a great success; the lingering ones are much more problematic.  Detractors of the United States will have a knee-jerk totally predictable response to this suggestion and action, but a least they can have a reaction.  In Iran any dissent is usually punished by death or lengthy imprisonment; similar to Cuban and Venezuelan behavior.

The set of circumstances is almost irretrievable at this point, Iran is going to press forward, the US is going to find away to stop them.  The rest of us will be along for the ride which will be very unpleasant and last a long time.

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