Thursday, March 09, 2006

We Are Who We Elect

Do our elected representatives really represent the average American?  Alas, I am afraid so.  It is difficult for many to believe but George Bush appears to be head and shoulders above the members of the legislative branch in terms of character, intelligence, and world awareness.  Bush has only a mild record of pandering to public opinion which is why his poll numbers are so low at the moment.  It is my prediction that history will be very kind to him and his presidency; this despite the fact that most historians today have a severe Marxist, left wing bent.  The truth will out no matter how long it takes.

In the case of the Ports and foreign operation of terminals, this is an example of how the congress is really an image of the American people.  There are a few voices of reason among a large group of venal, uninformed, mercurial, fearful, and complacent individuals.  When visiting the Capitol one may look up to see the flags blowing with the wind, the same scene may be found within the offices of the representatives of the people.  These congressmen and senators are job holders plain and simple.

They worry more about their perks than they do about our safety.  They protect their benefactors more than their constituents.  For example it is now coming out that the asbestos and silicosis class action suits are rife with fraud; that law firms apparently paid for false medical diagnoses (in a least 68,000 cases) resulting in immeasurable damage to our legal and business system.  Will the Democrats demand an investigation?  I don’t think so as one Democrat congressman moved to end hearings with the comment that “Trial lawyers get blamed for everything from 9/11 to global warming.”  Decide for yourself what would be happening if this was a Republican issue.  The reverse is also true.

The unbelievably inept system of education in our country is one the great tools that enemies can use against us.  Militarily we can not be defeated.  We have, and are developing more, weapons that can be operated remotely.  We can, and this will most likely be the case, bomb Iran without the loss of a single US military life by using UCAVs (unmanned combat aerial vehicles).  These weapons can target and bomb places that are many hours from our shores, accurately and with devastating results, but we can’t get out of our own way in world affairs.  Neither right nor left really understand or care about the rest of the world.

In the United States if it’s not about us we are not interested.

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