Friday, March 10, 2006

Democrats Win The 2006 Elections

The Republican Party has committed suicide.  It’s hard to believe but it’s true.  A group of politicians that once espoused excellence, decent behavior, and the idea that the best interests of the public should be served, have become pseudo-Democrats.  As a group they were always a bit cowardly, refusing to stand up to the outrageous specious attacks of Tom Daschle, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Charles Rangel, Ted Kennedy and the other luminaries of the dreck filled Democrat universe.  The Republicans have outspent the Democrats, something I never thought possible.

As a citizen of the US who has voted in every election since I came of age, mostly as a Democrat and recently as a Republican, I am disgusted.  I realize this feeling is not new; Mark Twain more than 100 years ago called the congress of the United States the largest, most public aggregation of crooks on the earth.  While nothing has changed on that front the country and the world have become much more dangerous.  We need leaders not place holders.  Representative Cunningham, a war hero, a brave person, is going to prison for eight years for taking bribes.  What would be the population of the congress if all were known about the rest of them?  They are the most disingenuous, lying group of individuals elected by a public that is so poorly educated that the cheapest advertising and media manipulations are effective.

The Democrat party will be returned to power in the year end elections.  It will have nothing to do with their plan, as they have none, but because the Republicans have abdicated their advantage.

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