Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ah Spring!

Spring is coming on strong here in the Carolinas, pollen is making its presence felt; mostly in the form of dust leading to sneezing and coughing.  It’s time to mulch, put a new spark plug in the lawnmower, plant some pansies, and generally clean up winter’s damage.  Daylight savings starts Sunday, more hours for golf being the major benefit, and so all kinds of outdoor activity may be expected.  Boats, water skis, PWC’s will all be made ready.  It’s a routine that is taken to be just that, most of the United States has drifted into a complacent view of life.

Of course there is the nightly news which can be disturbing at times, no one really knows what to make of illegal immigration; the latest media hot button. The nation’s political and social life is adrift on a sea of malaise where the main problem is how to avoid getting involved in anything.  There are plenty of UFO and Conspiracy Nuts to amuse us, but the fear of finding out anything of substance keeps at bay the impulse to really pay attention to the world around us.  Spring is a time to enjoy renewal and avoid reality.

One of the worst things to happen to modern US society, and probably others is the advent of 24 hour cable news.  This is true because it creates apprehension, tension, and discomfort by constantly bombarding those who pay attention with “news” items of little or no consequence and then repeats them endlessly. The stories are constantly revised as the real facts, as opposed to the original “facts” come to light.  We are still dealing with Natalee Holloway’s case, with no end in sight.

Sharon Stone has a crush on Hillary Clinton and basically says so during her publicity tour.  The senators are posturing more than ever and loving it.  All the interests groups are clawing at one another and yet nothing, absolutely nothing constructive is being attempted.  I have zero faith in the ability of the United States government to govern effectively.  Neither Republican nor Democrat really wants to further the interests of the citizens as a whole, lobbying groups only please.  The fact that legislative earmarks have disappeared from the public discourse proves my point.  Public service should be just that, a service to the nation with personal expenses being reimbursed at a low level.  The chance for gain eliminated.  These are na├»ve wishes but they are after all wishes.

The best plan is to enjoy each day Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter as if there will be no other day to follow.

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