Friday, May 12, 2006

A Day Without Mexicans

I could have used a day without Mexicans yesterday.  I enjoy golf for the usual reasons, it’s fun, normally pastoral, and mostly quiet; not yesterday.  It seemed that a host of Mexican workers had descended on the course driving tractors, trucks, leaf-blowers, using rakes, and generally getting in the way rather noisily. The place I usually play is a magnificent municipal golf course maintained by a foundation and by taxes, and fees.

As we were being tormented by these intrusive workers I began to wonder just how many of them were legal immigrants and who was charged with ensuring this that they were eligible for employment.  Their presence has been slowly gaining momentum over the past two years and now they have completely displaced all the former workers who were white or African –American.  This leads me to believe that our local government is employing illegal aliens while the local politicians decry their presence.

Apparently the new taboo is the discussion of who has a green card and who doesn’t and what to do about it.  The problem must be addressed and the only way to do so is to face reality.  They are here and must be assimilated.  No multilingual curriculum, no acceptance of their culture as a primary one, they must speak English or decamp.  They must learn the history of the United States so they can become a part of the nation.  We must maintain our sense of nationalism.  It makes a difference, bring them in, welcome them, and train them.

I realize that my wimpy liberal friends will disagree because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings; well no one’s but mine. Liberals would have you believe that the United States is a monster and deserves to disappear, that democracy doesn’t work, (remember the dictatorship of the proletariat?).  The response to the recent letter from the Iranian president proves my point.

The Western portion of the United States is under siege and I don’t expect it to survive the onslaught.  We will be petitioning to have English restored at least as a second language.

A day without Mexicans, at least on the golf course, sounds really nice.


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