Saturday, November 18, 2006

Election Hijinks

Elections are interesting because of the surprising revelations that often follow. The Democrat Party is just finding out how to take the reins of government and they still have a lot to re-learn. The first woman elected to the House Speaker ship, Nancy Pelosi, has already made a major gaffe that could have been easily avoided. By keeping her promise to Jack Murtha she actually jeopardized her own authority. It’s never a good idea to display weak judgment before one is moved in to the new office.

Sten Hoyer, the new House Majority Leader, is likely to obstruct Pelosi when it suits him and to so without fear. This situation will also encourage the “Blue Dog Democrats” to go their own way without trepidation and to represent their districts as they were elected. The ultra liberal wing of the party will still insist on impeaching George Bush and exacting revenge for the slights and imagined slights dealt to them during the Republican era. This behavior will not serve them well because the US public is not in the mood for sophomoric high jinks.

The Iraq war, which the IslamoFascists are anticipating a quick end, will make American influence that much less important in the world. Of course this suits the ultra left but is not really in the best interests of the United States. The Muslim blogs, websites, and other media are celebrating the advent of the Democrat “Peace Party” as a further demonstration that the US can no longer make its power felt for more than a few days. The craziness on the left coast while not sweeping the nation is an insidious omen for the future.

The United States is a nation of 300 million souls defended by a relatively small military from enemies who are not only determined to destroy it they are commanded by their religion to do so. This is beyond comprehension to the left as they have no such belief system and cannot grasp the significance of the desire to get to Heaven. The result is denial and alibis about the various cause and effect syndromes behind the Muslim behavior. These liberals are completely wrong. This should be clear from the membership in jihad by well educated Muslims as well as the ignorant.

Western Culture is under assault by Islam but more seriously by itself.

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