Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Are All Liberals Communists

The Liberal impulse springs from the need to make some sense of one’s life.  From this positive attitude the situation goes down hill.  Communism was a response to the arch conservatism of the Czarist system in Russia.  Once in power the communists, under Lenin and more so under Stalin, killed more Russian citizens than all the Czars combined.  Of course there were more living citizens to kill at that time, but in absolute numbers it is still true.

Why do liberals in particular the ultra left of the MoveOn.Org types so admire totalitarian systems and their leaders?  If George Bush attempted to stay on as president after 2008 there would be howls of pain from the liberals and conservatives, why have there been no complaints about Fidel Castro?  In fact the US embargo of Cuba is ridiculous because free trade would raise the Cuban economy back to its pre-Castro level and beyond.  It would have been relatively easy to topple Castro from within because the prosperity would have made the population restless for more freedom.

Ultra liberals are honest in one sense: they openly admit that if they can get into power they are determined to undermine the position of the United States and implement policies that will degrade the economic performance of the nation.  This is the template that is consistently used by people who think they know better than anyone else what is best.  Regular liberals are thoroughly dishonest in the sense that they will not take a stand and embrace their contributors and that they will do their bidding if elected.  Instead they issue platitudes that sound good but are without substance.

It is reasonable to guess that George Orwell’s 1984 is anathema to the Ultra Liberals because it reveals what they have in store for the citizens of the USA and the rest of the world.  In Seattle, Washington there is a statue honoring Josef Stalin, a mass murderer of his own people.  Washington State is of course a bastion of liberalism.  The governor’s election actually was stolen by the Democrats even as they cried foul about George Bush’s election in 2000.

The Ultra Liberals admire Stalin, Castro, Chavez, Khomeini, and others of their ilk.  Many of these tyrants come to power under the guise of democracy but soon reveal their true intentions.  Instead describing George Bush as Adolf Hitler it might be useful if they apply this nomenclature to themselves; Hitler was legally elected and soon changed his behavior as he promised in Mein Kampf.

The United States population is too used to liberty to be completely duped and is largely armed to the teeth to resist such a takeover.  Is this why the liberals want to disarm the population?

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Les Publica said...

Why do liberals admire totalitarianism?

I dunno. Maybe for the same reason you stopped beating your wife.

Seriously, maybe you should try talking to liberals, or just learning what the word means, before writing about them.

You can't link to a liberal blog that admires totalitarianism. Where does praise any totalitarian?

Is it too much to ask you to read what people actually write before you rant about what you fantasize them saying?

There are too many errors of fact in your blog entry for anyone to take it seriously.

George Orwell was a Socialist. Not a Communist, a Socialist. They're both different from liberals.

The Seattle statue is Lenin, not Stalin, and was put up privately. It's in bad taste, but nobody I know has advocated a law against bad taste.

Unless you conservatives have a plan to force private citizens to follow your own dictates in regard to what kind of art people can put up on their own private property.