Friday, June 30, 2006


Treason?  I don’t agree with the New York Times’ editorial decision to print the story about counterterrorism techniques, but doing so is not treason.  The treasonous act was committed by the government worker who revealed the details of the story.  The Times and others have a constitutional right to be stupid, irresponsible, anytime they please.  I don’t side with the ultra left or ultra right politically.

All this excitement on the far right is misplaced and might compared with the idiotic statements made by the wacky left with regard to the supreme court decision yesterday that invalidated the government’s ability to imprison terrorists.  Nancy Pelosi, a dimwit if ever there was one, made the claim that this decision proves that America is ruled by laws, and that this was a victory for civil rights.  No terrorist has civil rights in the USA.  Should Ms. Pelosi be considered a traitor?  There might well be circumstances that warrant it but as I said being stupid is not a crime.

The various media outlets that print revealing stories about government activity would probably being doing so if the ruling party was the Democrat Party.  This is the real tragedy.  The public cannot really trust the news media to bring an accurate picture of the world around us.  The left wing elite considers themselves to be better than most of the citizens of the USA; more cultured, more intelligent, more perceptive, and for that reason they feel entitled to make decisions for the rest of us.

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