Friday, June 16, 2006

Conspiracy Nuts Are Loose Again

Well the conspiracy freaks are out in force.  They, and their left wing nutjobs, want the United States to dissolve in ignominy so much that they can’t see themselves.  The latest is the Zarqawi memo saying that he was having a tough time with the Americans; they want failure so desperately that they have concluded that it is a fake.  It is a fake because it contradicts their view of not only how things are going, but how things should go against the USA which is the bane of the universe.  Of course they can say and think anything they want in the USA, but I wonder how it would play out in Saudi Arabia where the death penalty is required for homosexuality, blasphemy, adultery, drug use, speaking out against the government and a variety of other liberal habits.

I actually enjoy their stupidity and the intransigent desire for American failure anywhere.  The Democrats are ridiculous, and I am a still a registered Democrat as I have been since the age of 21.  At that time the voting age was set at that level.  My party has left me behind.  I now have no party allegiance and vote on issues not personalities.  The liberals are hilarious because they consider themselves the only people with intelligence.  Of course their guilt feelings and self-hatred don’t seem to encourage them to leave the safety of the United States and go to the trouble spots to render aid.

Watch this space more to come.

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