Monday, April 17, 2006

Christian Evolution

The Easter Holiday is fading.  It’s ironic that Evangelical Christians, as they like to call themselves, feel that evolution is only a theory and one that can not be proven.  Yet their behavior is in itself evolutionary.  There is a strong push to rename Easter Sunday to Resurrection Sunday the idea being that too many non-Christians or lapsed Christians are enjoying Easter as a holiday and not a Holy Day.

This strategy goes back two millennia when the newly established Christian sect of Judaism began to gain strength in the Roman Empire.  In order to avoid or minimize persecution the early Christians celebrated the pagan holy days by re-naming them as their own.  This made it possible to have Christ’s resurrection coincide with the fertility celebrations of spring.  By co-opting the pagan events the Christians began a long history of taking what the existing religious base had to offer and incorporate it into the Trinity based promise of salvation.

Islam has done the same thing, on a much smaller scale, by claiming that Muhammad ascended to heaven after his death.  This is the same action ascribed to Christ which is known as The Ascension and is memorialized by holy days and by names of cities and people.

Back to the Christians.  I was raised, as I have said, a Roman Catholic.  I stopped practicing once I had mastered the drill.  I find that the church today has evolved and though I am conversant with the ceremonies and beliefs there are certain liturgical changes of which I was unaware.  Of course Roman Catholics are regarded by mainstream Protestants and Evangelicals as one step above Muslims.  All this Christian Love can be a bit tedious.

The very term Evangelical is a revision of historical Christianity and is an evolutionary path blazed by successful Protestants.  Remember that there were always heretics” even from the earliest days.  They were exterminated in the name of God’s love just as Muslims treat apostates today.  So now we find another step along the road of injustice for God’s sake.  Not only do we have a pagan Christianity with the Trinity, we have one that wants to further separate itself from the rest of the citizenry and then complain about the isolation.

I am generally a fan of the Fox News Network but find John Gibson and Bill O’Reilly presumptuous, bombastic, and disingenuous; particularly in their purported fear about the “attacks” on Christian Holy Days.

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