Friday, March 17, 2006

Money or Happiness is There Really a Difference?

Should one work for money or should one find a career that assures happiness?  Actually that question is not a choice, if acted upon correctly prosperity and happiness are inevitable.  Here is why this is true.  We all know that we live in an imperfect world, right?  Let’s think about that for a minute.  In my mind the world is perfect; it is in the lives of its inhabitants that the imperfection occurs.

I have engaged in activities simply because I thought they would provide wealth, and I did acquire a lot of money.  I then behaved in ways I thought would provide happiness, they didn’t.  Here is the solution, it is simple but difficult.  Look around and try to find examples of excellence.  I don’t mean simply something that is just good, I mean really excellent.  After searching for awhile you will find some examples, some that will surprise you.  As you look deeper you will find two more things: prosperity and happiness.  Why?

The simplicity is this; the world seeks perfection or tends towards perfection.  It is the most desirable quality because it cannot be attained in an absolute sense.  The simple act of trying is in itself so rare that it too is valuable.  Couple the striving for perfection with an activity that brings personal satisfaction to the striver and without a doubt prosperity and happiness will follow.  This is not an overnight situation, it takes time.  It might take a few or many years to achieve this state, but with belief and effort success is unavoidable.

The reason most people never arrive is due to the difficulty of continuing against what seem to be setbacks, poor initial choice of activity and subsequent discouragement, laziness (another name for fear) and finally most people don’t believe my theory is true.

Dreams can’t come true if they are never dreamt.  When planning or imagining anything about what you want to achieve always make your fantasy the most extreme example of the success you think you want.  In a fantasy you are in charge and it always works out the way you want.  Do you want to be the most knowledgeable archaeologist on earth?  Dream it, it will happen.  You’ll have to work on it, but without the dream your subconscious has nothing to work on.

All personal success and happiness comes from satisfying an internal urge.  That urge must be stimulated.  For some this stimulation is easy but most of us have to search for what is best.  This search can be made simpler this way.  By remembering that success and happiness are the two most powerful stimulants and thinking about the wonderful euphoric feeling you got when something you did was most satisfying, you then know what you want to repeat and are on the right track.  If you look at your life as a quest for dollars at the end you will fail.

If you do something, anything, productive and you are among the best to ever do that thing, money will chase you around.  People want to be around excellence, they love basking in its reflection because they don’t understand it.  The wealthiest people are those who respect themselves and enjoy helping others.  Money should never be an objective it should and will always be a by-product of excellence.

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