Monday, February 13, 2006

Nancy Doesn't Get It

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article by Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader in the House of Representatives.  It is a very strange article in that she supports all the Bush administration policies but doesn’t think they go far enough.  Most of her arguments are very weak, and she leaves out who is going to pay for all the Democrat “investments.”

She complains that the United States is only graduation 70,000 engineers this year while China and India are graduating 600,000 and 700,000 respectively.  Is there a surprise here?  In terms of population comparison alone I think the US is doing very well; we have 300 million people while China has 2 billion and India nearly one billion.  So why wouldn’t they graduate more of anything?  To highlight this number and use it to point out the failure of the US in research and development is specious to say the least.

Her main thrust is that the education system in the United States is lacking and she is 100% correct.  As long as the teacher’s unions get the lion’s share of new tax dollars for education they system will remain broken.  Stricter curriculum and discipline is what is needed.  Administrator’s who have been teachers are needed instead of the so-called Doctors of Education that currently pollute our school systems.  Teacher pay should be higher, and the number of vice-principals should be lower.

The next thing the Democrats are going to do is to gain energy independence within 10 years.  This is going to be done through green initiatives that are currently failing in the EU.  We should extract all the fossil fuels we have been blessed with, the caribou will find a way to survive, and we should emphasize development of alternate chemical fuels.  This development should be done carefully so that the problem eliminated is not replaced by a worse solution whose effects can only be felt in the long term.

If this is the Democrat plan for our future, and it is told with have truths and lies, then they are doomed.

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