Friday, January 27, 2006

Some Major Issues for the Next US Elections.

There will be several major issues in the next US election, perhaps lasting even through the 2008 elections.  These will include illegal immigration from Mexico, Iran’s nuclear program, Palestine, dependence on foreign energy sources, all of which are losers for the Democrats as presently constructed.  Why, oh why can’t they come up with a reason to support them?  George Bush is a good president, not a great one as I had first thought, and at least tries to do what he set out to do.  This is confusing to the opposition.

The Democrats are so distracted by anger that they have forgotten that being trusted with the government implies passing legislation that has something to do with real life, not just their donation base.  Bush has missed the boat on a critical issue, that of illegal immigration.  By failing to address this problem he should be in danger of losing support; and he is.  The only saving grace for him is that the Democrats are doing a worse job.  They see votes in the illegal population, which just shows how intellectually bankrupt they really are.  Bush on the other hand doesn’t seem to care one way or the other.  Meanwhile the American voters are getting fed up with the situation.

There will be another war or at least some kind of military action against Iran if a reasonable solution is not found and it will not be.  The Iranians are overestimating their situation.  A joint strike force of US and European bombers can wreak havoc on Iran and its nuclear construction facilities.  This would provide a short term solution, but might result in the loss of any good will that can presently be found among dissident Iranians.  A better solution would be sanctions that are tough and that all nations participate in fully.  This would put pressure on the mullahs and the population and most likely a rebellion would be fomented.  This is the best long term solution.

The elections in Palestine prove the worth of the Bush plan to spread democracy throughout the Middle East; though it is fraught with danger.  There should be some dialogue with Hamas, limited perhaps or even secret.  To promote democracy and ignore the elected party seems a bit strange; after all we do have diplomatic relations with China, Venezuela, Egypt, and other undesirable governments.  We can best support Israel by trying to help Hamas mature.  The American Jewish lobby may make this untenable.

Dependence on foreign energy sources is a real loser for the Democrats as they will oppose any development of domestic resources.  Cynical at worst naïve at best they are held hostage by a minority of environmental wackos.  The new configuration of the Supreme Court may change this and give the Democrats a way out. This is very appropriate as recent studies have shown that the Europeans greenhouse emissions have risen despite their endorsement of the Kyoto treaty while those of the US have actually been reduced even though we did not endorse Kyoto.  This simple fact will, or should, begin to defang those on the far left who are willing to see us crawl instead of standing up for ourselves.

The moral failure of the left is starting to hurt them.  They dance to the tune of the ultra left strident ravings from Michael Moore, George Soros, and others.  Why do you think Ted Kennedy, the killer of Mary Jo Kopechne, and John Kerry, the false hero, are suggesting a filibuster against Alito?  It is simple: money.

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